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Why not just “Sink” a full height above ground trampoline?

There are a number of reasons, here’s why:

1. AIR – (Trampoline Pad Slap) The air that is created by bouncing on a trampoline needs to moved, this is not a problem when the trampoline is sited above ground, however, once sunk in ground the air is then trapped and needs to be moved or the trampoline bounce will be severely affected -

All of our sunken trampolines feature innovative air-ventilation. The mat has a more open structure and, in addition venting takes place via the inside of the padding.

2. RETAINING WALL – Soil needs to be retained so as to not collapse into the trampoline hole, to do this you would need to build a costly metre deep brick wall around the above ground trampoline, however, this would leave an exposed brick edge around the trampoline – we would never recommend this for safety reasons!

3. FRAME/SPRING RUST – Above ground trampolines have not been designed to be ‘sunk’ into the ground and in doing so can cause the exposed steel frame and springs to rust and potentially break.

All our sunken trampolines have been designed to be sunk into the ground, they all have thick powder coated galvanised steel frames, premium 8.5 inch yellow zinc springs, vented jumping mat’s and full U.V. protected vented safety padding along with their own soil retaining wall that leaves a flush to lawn finish. If installed by us we also line the hole out with a geo textile membrane and install a soak-away to allow any rainwater to easily drain away.


There are also a number of key advantages sunken trampolines have over traditional above ground trampolines, from looks to greatly increased safety.

Sunken Trampoline Safety!

While all above ground trampolines are suspended above the ground by the legs of the frame, sunken in ground trampolines have zero distance between the bouncing mat and the ground. This provides the highest level of safety that is not present in above ground trampolines, as children or adults using the in ground trampoline have no distance to fall. This can remove the need for a safety net to be added to the in-ground trampoline, which is recommended for all above ground trampolines in order to prevent children from falling off and injuring themselves. The area beneath the in ground trampoline is also inaccessible, this removes the risk of small children or pets from being beneath the bounce mat during trampoline use, which reduces the risk of injury.

The American Academy Of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) recommended that the trampoline-jumping surface should be placed at ground level in an effort to reduce injuries.

Our Sunken In Ground Trampoline installation services are available throughout the UK, so please feel free to get in touch with our professional team to discuss your requirements today 01283 563151

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Hi Paul,

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the work Neil has done and the in ground trampoline in general – it looks and feels fantastic and the kids were blown away! We were a bit nervous spending this amount of money, so I am over the moon that it has worked out so well.

Thank you and thanks so much to Neil and Nathan.

Catherine – Cambridgeshire

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